‘Cruel Arcadia', We are a Korean indie shop that design and make Gothic & Lolita dresses. We are inspired by the past histories, romance, ruptures and the black things. We create various styles of dresses depending on our interests at the moments. 

 Products updates are irregular. We offer up two different options for ordering products. First is ready-made limited products and the other is pre-order products. When it comes to pre-order products, it can takes a week up to a month to make and then ship to your location. We advise you that the date can still be changed up to the items, so please check the expected shipping date in the products page before you make final order confirmation. 

 We accept paypal for payment and use EMS to ship our products ONLY.(The price is in USD)

Product information in English is provided on the Facebook page.

 www.facebook.com/CruelArcadia00 ☜Click

  *Order Form*

 Please copy and fill in the below order form and email to c.doxepine@gmail.com. 

 If the order is not paid without a prior notice, it can be cancelled after 3 days.

 1. Product name: 

 2. Color: 

 3. Size: 

 4. Name:

 5. PayPal account(for invoice): 

 6. Shipping Address:(Include ZIP Code)

 7. Contact number(phone/cell): 

 8. Comment:

  *Process of ordering*

1.Customer :Ordering through the e-mail


2.Cruel Arcadia: confirm e-mailing with paypal account in it 


3.Customer : paying and confirm e-mailing 


 4.Cruel Arcadia : checking payment and starting making 


5.Cruel Arcadia : Shipping product on the expected date 


6.Customer : Receive the products 


 Since Cruel Arcadia's orders are order made, we are unable to accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. Please ensure that your order is accurate and you provide the correct measurements before you submit your order. 


 Delivery - EMS, MAX EXPRESS 

 Fee - Asia 23.00 USD 

          EU, US 43.00 USD 

          Australia 33.00 USD 

         Please inquire for other regions.

 Time - 3~15 days

 Please note

 - There may be additional delays as a result of increasing orders and out of stock items. 

 - We will contact you individually if there will be a delay or an item is out of stock.  

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